Best Headphones for Streaming

Best Headphones for Streaming

Every professional live streamer understands the indispensable role of excellent headphones within their setup. The significance of selecting the perfect pair cannot be overstated, as optimal headphones can undeniably elevate your auditory experience, enveloping you in a realm of seamless soundscapes. However, the process of choosing the most suitable headphones for live streaming can be remarkably intricate, owing to the array of design choices and features available.

Within this article, we will expertly guide you through the essential factors to contemplate when purchasing headphones, accompanied by a comprehensive list of the 5 finest headphone options tailored for live streaming. Before delving into the selection, it is prudent to acquaint ourselves with the various categories of headphones specifically designed for the purpose of live streaming.

Headphones types for Live Streaming

Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones are an excellent choice for both audiophiles and professionals working in recording studios. They offer a comfortable fit and are meticulously engineered to ensure the transmission of pristine sound between the headphones and the ears.

In-Ear Headphones

In the realm of portable audio, the prevailing choice is the in-ear version. These are commonly referred to as earbuds or earphones and are typically bundled with portable media devices like smartphones and tablets. Perhaps you’re familiar with Apple EarPods as an example. While they suffice for newcomers venturing into live streaming, it’s advisable to consider an upgrade for enhanced audio quality. While you might find them satisfactory, your audience perceives a dissimilar audio output.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones feature bands that either rest behind or above your head, as opposed to inserting into your ear canal. This design choice results in less noise isolation. Instead, they rest upon the outer parts of your ears. These headphones utilize driver casings positioned on your ears to deliver the audio experience.

If you’re engaged in prolonged streaming sessions, it’s wise to opt for headphones designed with comfort in mind. Your headphone choice can be tailored to your preferences, with options including over-ear, in-ear, or on-ear designs, depending on your specific requirements.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Headphones for Live Streaming

Numerous headphones on the market offer great value for your money. However, it’s essential to keep the following aspects in mind when selecting the perfect pair for yourself:

Powerful Bass

It is imperative to evaluate headphones based on their frequency response characteristics. The human auditory system is sensitive to frequencies spanning between 20 and 20,000Hz. Adhering to this frequency range results in a seamless and accurate auditory experience.

Noise Cancellation

Opt for headphones equipped with noise-cancellation functionality. These are the optimal choice for individuals who seek to eliminate any background disturbances while immersing themselves in every intricate sound. They prove exceptionally valuable when engaged in live streaming within a cacophonous setting.

Wired or Wireless Design

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Wireless headphones offer the freedom to move around without the concerns of accidentally pulling on a cord. Yet, there’s the constant consideration of battery life depleting during your broadcast. On the other hand, wired headphones tend to deliver superior sound quality. For live streaming, opting for wired headphones is advisable to prevent potential audio disruptions. Should you opt for wireless models like Apple AirPods or similar designs, there’s a potential drawback of disconnection, particularly when the battery is running low.


When selecting headphones for live streaming, prioritizing your comfort is crucial. It’s important to ensure that the ear pads of your headphones are crafted from gentle materials that won’t cause any discomfort to your skin. Additionally, if you anticipate wearing them for extended periods, it’s recommended that they offer sufficient ventilation to prevent any discomfort.


An essential feature for gamers and live streamers is an integrated headphone microphone. If you prioritize portability, opt for headphones that offer a removable microphone. Keep in mind that superior voice quality is crucial, as a high-quality microphone significantly enhances your live-streaming audio. Armed with this knowledge about headphone variations and important purchasing factors, let’s delve into the top recommendations for live-streaming headphones.

5 Best Headphones for Live Streaming

1. HyperX Cloud II – Best Headphones for Streaming

HyperX Cloud II

Exhibiting an opulent design coupled with a premium audio profile, the Kingston offering stands as a captivating choice for a streaming headset. Boasting an exceedingly comfortable construction, complete with memory foam ear cushions and a padded leatherette headband, this accessory ensures an undistracted focus on your gaming endeavors.

The HyperX Cloud II not only delivers unparalleled audio precision but also boasts a virtual 7.1 surround sound capability. Engineered with a robust aluminum frame, it guarantees longevity and resilience against the rigors of daily usage. Priced reasonably at $99, it has garnered substantial popularity owing to its closed-ear cup configuration and passive noise cancellation feature, effectively barricading external disturbances and allowing you to maintain an unwavering presence in your gaming realm.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Best Headphones for Streaming

SteelSeries Arctis 7

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 offers seamless wireless capabilities, making it an ideal choice for live streaming purposes. Its robust elastic headband is adaptable to various head shapes and sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for users. Highlighted by its adaptable design, extended 24-hour battery longevity, and exceptional lossless wireless audio performance with minimal delay and zero disruptions, the Arctis 7 stands out. The headset is equipped with a retractable microphone positioned on the left earcup alongside an audio jack, while the right ear cup houses a power button and a volume slider. Priced at $179.99, this headset presents a compelling option for those seeking a blend of diverse features and substantial battery life.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Best Headphones for Streaming

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO stands as an impressive set of over-ear headphones equipped with an innovative bass reflex system. With a choice of three distinct models, these headphones guarantee an exceptional level of detail in sound resolution, contributing to a more transparent and enriched audio experience for your live-streaming ventures.

Speaking of enhancing your live streams, these headphones prioritize your comfort with their plush, interchangeable ear pads. Notably, the closed-back version offers impressive adaptability, while the sturdy spring steel headband guarantees a secure and comfortable fit. The added convenience of a single-sided cable further simplifies the process of quickly putting on and removing the headphones, eliminating the frustrations of tangled wires.

Bundled with this array of features and tagged at a reasonable price of $159, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO unquestionably assures a substantial return on your investment.

4. EPOS | Sennheiser GAME ONE – Best Headphones for Streaming

Sennheiser GAME ONE

An exceptional headset tailored for Xbox One streaming, the GAME ONE stands out as a visually appealing and meticulously constructed accessory, renowned for its top-tier audio performance. The headset boasts a contemporary and lightweight yet robust design, complete with plush velour-coated ear cushions that deliver an unparalleled level of comfort. Notably, it integrates a top-grade noise-canceling microphone on its left side, conveniently adjustable to the user’s mouth for exceptionally clear conversations. The microphone’s volume control is thoughtfully positioned on the right ear cup.

Beyond its Xbox One compatibility, the GAME ONE extends its versatility to various platforms, including PC, Mac, and even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets equipped with a 3.5mm jack input. Priced at $179, this headset represents an exceptional investment for avid gamers seeking nothing but the finest headphones to enhance their live-streaming experience.

5. Logitech G432 – Best Headphones for Streaming

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 stands out as an entry-level headset that offers remarkable value beyond its impressively affordable cost. With its substantial 50 mm audio drivers, it ensures a rich and expansive auditory experience for your live-streaming activities. Moreover, the sizeable 6 mm microphone captures high-quality sound, eliminating the necessity for an external microphone.

The convenient flip-to-mute boom feature grants you the power to instantly mute your stream whenever needed. The inclusion of 3D audio spanning over 7.1 channels further enhances the audio quality, resulting in exceptionally immersive streaming sessions. Adjusting the volume is effortless too, thanks to the conveniently positioned volume wheel on the earcup. Priced at just $49.99, the Logitech G432 comes highly recommended for those seeking a cost-effective yet feature-packed headset option.

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