How To Find Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Off

How To Find Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Off

Undoubtedly, 2021 has been a rollercoaster, with its own share of highs and lows. In the grand scheme of things, small irritations are frequently what manages to elicit a deep sensation of aggravation, comparable to the unanticipated stubbing of a toe or the annoying snare of clothing on a doorknob. Misplacing a Bluetooth device that is turned off is one such exasperating scenario. This feeling is made worse when dealing with little Bluetooth devices like True Wireless earbuds. Finding a replacement Bluetooth device doesn’t have to be an instant course of action for those who are trying to locate a gadget that has unintentionally been shut off. Instead, there are some steps you can follow if you want to find Bluetooth earbuds that are off.

To Find AirPods Use the “Find My iPhone” app

Effortlessly track down your AirPods using a range of Apple devices such as your PC, iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone. Master the art of locating your AirPods with this simple guide across your array of devices.

Apple Airpods
  • To initiate the search, open the Find My iPhone app on any of your Apple devices. However, if you’re employing a computer to pinpoint your wireless earbuds, your starting point is accessing After this initial step, securely log in using your Apple ID and password.
  • Once you’ve gained access, a single tap on your AirPods is all it takes. For computer users, a comprehensive view of your AirPods is available by clicking on all connected devices. Should you not immediately spot your missing AirPod on the list, a subtle change in your position might just bring them into view.
  • Upon tapping or clicking your AirPods, a series of indicators will provide insights into the status of your Bluetooth wireless earphones. Blue dots indicate the location of your smartphone or computer. While green dots indicate the location of your lost AirPods, which are online. However, if a gray dot appears, it suggests that your wireless earbuds are either out of range, low on battery, or powered off. Nonetheless, you might still be able to retrieve their last known location.
  • With both green and blue dots confirmed, you’re now on the cusp of rediscovering your misplaced AirPods. Engage the ‘play sounds’ option within the actions menu, and your errant wireless earbuds will emit an escalating sound, designed to facilitate tracing within a two-minute window.
  • In the event that your AirPods aren’t together, a sequential approach is required. Mute the left or right channel as you play the sound to pinpoint the first earbud, before proceeding to the second. Once you’ve successfully tracked down your wireless Bluetooth headphones, conclude the process by selecting ‘stop playing’ to silence the sound.

Bose Connect app for Bose headphones users

Confidently sync your wireless earbuds with the app by downloading it from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Access the “Find My Buds” and “Enable Location Services” features to instantly pinpoint your current location and the most recent spot where your wireless Bluetooth earbuds and phone were used.

Bose Headphones

Next, navigate to the last known location of your waterproof wireless earbuds. Once you’re confident you’re within Bluetooth range, activate the chirp button to emit a distinctive sound through the Bluetooth earbuds. The sound will gradually increase in volume, accompanied by a voice prompt, ensuring easy audibility if they’re nearby. This feature even applies if you’ve misplaced them along with the charging case, as you can still locate the charging case. To halt the chirping sound, simply press the multifunction button on the right earbud or utilize the Bose Connect app.

Bluetooth Scanner App

Various other Bluetooth scanning technologies, including Bluetooth Smart Scanner, Bluetooth Finder, Item TrackR, Find MyHeadset, and similar tools, are capable of working with a wide array of wireless Bluetooth earphones, in contrast to the first two options mentioned earlier.

You need to download and install one of the Bluetooth Smart Scanner applications available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, or the Microsoft Store for starting the process. Once installed, launch the app and explore its interface to locate all active nearby Bluetooth devices. Keep in mind that the appearance and layout of these apps may vary, affecting how they display visible Bluetooth wireless devices.

Scan through the list of devices to identify whether your misplaced wireless running earphones are listed. In case you don’t initially spot them, try moving around the area where you believe you lost them until they come into view on the app. Pay attention to the strength of the signal indicating the proximity of your Bluetooth earbuds. A strong signal suggests that your lost items are nearby, while a weak signal indicates that you are farther away from their location. Be aware that the methods these apps use to indicate your earbuds’ location might differ, so take the time to familiarize yourself with the specific app’s functionality that you are using.

Other Methods to Find Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Off

Even if the previously mentioned techniques prove ineffective for you, there’s no reason to give up hope when it comes to finding Bluetooth earbuds that are off, especially if you own top-notch wireless earbuds. Here are some valuable guidelines to enhance your search:

1. Engage in playing loud music and maximize your phone’s volume to its highest level.

2. Stay composed and recollect the most recent instance when you utilized or spotted your cordless Bluetooth earbuds.

3. Thoroughly revisit all the locations where you remember using them.

4. Scrutinize the areas where you assume your waterproof wireless earphones should logically be situated.

5. If they’re not in the expected or customary spots, widen your search perimeter and explore larger areas. Additionally, investigate the earbuds’ last known locations within cluttered or confined spaces.

6. Seek assistance from those in your vicinity, which could encompass family members, friends, or both. They might have inadvertently taken or shifted them.

7. Uphold an organized environment both at home and work and maintain awareness of your surroundings during your daily routines.

Rest assured, with these strategies at your disposal, the odds of successfully locating your Bluetooth earbuds remain high.

7 Things to Remember When Finding Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Off

Our initial suggestions are straightforward. While a few might appear evident, and you might have already pondered over some, trust us – it’s beneficial to review them comprehensively to recover your powered-down Bluetooth device that has gone astray.

1. First, look for places where earbuds can be placed

Firstly, let’s address the question of how to find Bluetooth earbuds that are off. To initiate this process, create a comprehensive inventory of potential scenarios where your Bluetooth earbuds might have encountered harm or misplacement. While a minor drop behind the sofa is manageable, a more unfavorable situation, such as ending up in the car’s footwell, could be problematic, as there’s a risk of them being accidentally stepped on. Similarly, if they are securely stored in a drawer, the urgency to find them diminishes. Conversely, if you inadvertently left them outdoors after a jog, in the bathroom, or in any environment prone to moisture exposure, it’s advisable to prioritize searching those spots initially.

An effective approach: start by compiling an exhaustive list of conceivable locations they might be in, and then, if time permits, mentally navigate through worst-case scenarios. For those in a hurry, refer to our valuable tip number 2.

2. Find out where they are most likely to be found.

Do you tend to forget where you left your earbuds? Maybe you left them on your nightstand or even on the dining table. No matter if you’ve already searched before, it’s a wise idea to take another look.

When we’re in a rush to find something, we often just glance over an area. If your earbuds are a subtle color like matte black, could be hidden somewhere. While matte black looks stylish when you’re wearing the earbuds, it’s not as helpful when you’re trying to spot them amidst other objects. In fact, this is one of the easiest techniques to find Bluetooth earbuds that are off and have gone missing. Grab a checklist and embark on a fun treasure hunt for your headphones. Now’s your chance to double-check and see if you can locate them.

3. Check the location of the fallen item by tracing your steps.

Allow us to take on the role of a concerned guardian. Have you taken a comprehensive look around during your day’s journey? I mean, have you truly scanned every nook and cranny?

It’s a prudent approach to retrace your path and make sure you haven’t stowed away your earphones in an unconventional spot. Therefore, if you’ve compiled a mental list of plausible spots and still haven’t come across your gadget, it’s imperative that you proceed with the following course of action.

4. Clear your mind and begin meditating.

When consumed by worry, achieving mental clarity becomes a challenge. Everyday stressors, like the frustrating search for lost earphones or reactivating Bluetooth earbuds, can compound this pressure—particularly if these items hold significant monetary value.

Recognizing a mounting sense of anxiety, the most effective approach is to pause and allow your thoughts to settle. By attaining a state of calm, your cognitive faculties can regain focus, facilitating a swifter recovery of your misplaced gadget.

5. Inquire with those around you

As you ponder the whereabouts of your earbuds, consider the wisdom in reaching out to those in your vicinity for assistance. Alternatively, if frustration or self-reproach sets in due to the misplaced earbuds, it’s worth noting that someone close by – be it at home, the workplace, or even during your commute – might have inadvertently come across your earbuds without realizing you were searching for them. They could have taken the initiative to safeguard them, believing it to be helpful. It’s important to tread cautiously, though, especially if you’ve borrowed earbuds from someone else, as this action could potentially be construed as an admission of guilt!

6. De-clutter your workspace and house.

Streamlining your home or office provides a straightforward solution for locating a powered-off Bluetooth device. Once you’ve organized your surroundings, you can conveniently place your earbuds in a designated spot. With a tidy living or working space, you won’t need to repeatedly search for them – they’ll remain readily accessible. Furthermore, you have the option to employ The Home Edit’s style of color coordination throughout your area.

7. Play loud music (if your earbuds are connected)

While this method won’t assist in locating Bluetooth earbuds that are powered off, it proves highly effective for locating devices still connected to your phone. In a quiet home or office setting, emit loud music from your phone at its highest volume. The sound will transmit through your earbuds, allowing you to effortlessly track them down by simply following the sound’s trail until you reach your target location.


In conclusion, there are many applications currently available to help you find Bluetooth earbuds that are off. Although a significant portion of these apps are limited to specific brands of wireless earbuds. The Find My iPhone app is tailored to help you pinpoint the location of your AirPods using a map. The Bose Connect app features Find My Buds technology, facilitating the retrieval of your Bose headphones. Diverse Bluetooth scanner software technologies, including Item TrackR and Find MyHeadset, are recognized for their compatibility with various other wireless Bluetooth headset brands.

When it comes to locating your lost Bluetooth device, it’s crucial to ensure a strong signal strength, which greatly enhances the chances of successfully locating your earbuds. Additionally, maintaining a solid Bluetooth connection is essential. In situations where Bluetooth settings issues arise, you can consider using the Bluetooth troubleshooter or employing a Bluetooth adapter or driver to address the problem. It’s imperative to confirm that the Bluetooth icon is active to swiftly locate your earbud or even your Beats headphones features.

As per user feedback, these apps prove effective for specific leading wireless Bluetooth speaker technologies, while others may not find them as beneficial. Nonetheless, we should not underestimate the use of apps to find Bluetooth earbuds that are off. When it comes to recovering a lost item, exploring all avenues is worthwhile, and there’s no harm in making an attempt.

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