How to Jailbreak an iPhone Without a Computer

How to jailbreak iPhone Without Computer?

Customizing iPhones to suit individual preferences is a common desire among users. However, the process of Jailbreaking, which involves circumventing Apple’s imposed limitations, isn’t a straightforward task. Recent findings from the Ponemon Institute reveal that around 15% of iPhone users have made unsuccessful attempts at jailbreaking their devices. Traditionally, jailbreaking iOS the operating system for iPhones and iPad mini – required a computer. Developers would engineer jailbreaks for each new version of iOS. But the landscape has evolved, and modern iOS devices can now execute this process themselves. The noteworthy aspect is that even those without extensive technical expertise can now jailbreak an iPhone without a computer.

Given the array of methods available for jailbreaking an iPhone, it’s natural to feel uncertain about the best approach. This article will alleviate your confusion by presenting the simplest method to achieve iPhone jailbreak without the need for a computer.

iPhone jailbreak

Jailbreaking involves hacking into your smartphone to unlock its potential. When you jailbreak an iPhone or iPod Touch using specific apps, you’re able to install custom applications that modify Apple’s iOS operating system. This empowers your Apple device to perform tasks beyond the limitations of a non-jailbroken iPhone. These tasks include adding third-party apps, using non-Apple ringtones and browsers, enhancing iMessages, tweaking icons, and even reconfiguring the Control Center.

Through jailbreaking, you gain the ability to personalize the appearance and functionality of your phone. While the process itself is intricate, it can significantly expand what your iPhone or iPad Touch can do, provided you’re committed to the process. It’s crucial to remember that jailbreaking has hazards.

For those seeking to jailbreak, Macs offer the most straightforward platform for this process. If you have access to a Mac, you can utilize it for the jailbreaking procedure. Alternatively, if you lack a Mac or PC, there are alternative methods available for jailbreaking iOS, which will be detailed further below.

Considerations before jailbreaking

The process of iOS jailbreaking relies on the collaborative endeavors of the iOS user community and a group of reputable entities. Each new iOS update introduces its own set of obstacles and modifications that can impact the feasibility of jailbreaking. Hence, it comes as no surprise that achieving a successful jailbreak on the most recent iPhones and iOS iterations is a multifaceted task.

Prior to delving into the intricacies of iPhone jailbreaking, there are crucial factors to contemplate. Foremost among these is the essential consideration that must be acknowledged before embarking on the journey of jailbreaking your device. Now, let’s delve into the pertinent aspects that warrant contemplation before proceeding.

Make a data backup.

Occasionally, complications can arise during the process of jailbreaking an iPhone. To preempt any potential issues, it is highly recommended to take the precaution of securely backing up your data. It’s advised to initiate a backup procedure to guarantee the safety of your apps, music, movies, and all other content, either by storing them on your computer or utilizing a cloud drive.

By adhering to this approach, you’ll be able to effortlessly restore all aspects of your device back to its original status once the jailbreaking is complete. Furthermore, should you find yourself dissatisfied with the performance of a jailbroken iPhone, you retain the option to utilize an iPhone data recovery tool to restore your device to its factory settings. This ensures a seamless return to the standard functionality of your iPhone.

Ensure that you have the appropriate software

Numerous methods exist for iPhone jailbreaking, all contingent on the latest iPhone firmware. Despite its apparent simplicity, the process is model-specific and, at times, even reliant on certain serial number batches. To ensure a smooth and risk-free jailbreaking experience, it’s advisable to employ an earlier iOS version equipped with comprehensive jailbreaking solutions. Thoroughly confirming compatibility beforehand is crucial. The use of incorrect jailbreak software for your device can lead to irreversible device disablement.

Your iPad or iPhone could become bricked

While attempting a jailbreak, there’s a possibility that your iPhone might encounter serious problems leading to it being bricked or frozen. Numerous individuals who have ventured into jailbreaking their Apple devices have encountered significant complications, including instances where the iPhone gets stuck on various screens like the loading screen, recovery mode, black screen, or the Apple logo.

If your iPhone becomes bricked during or after a jailbreak, there is a reliable solution at your disposal. You can effectively rectify this situation by restoring your device through the iTunes application. This method has proven to be effective in resolving issues arising from unsuccessful jailbreaking attempts, allowing you to regain the functionality of your iPhone.

Your Guarantee

It’s important to keep in mind that opting to jailbreak your iPhone will result in the voiding of its warranty. Consequently, if your device encounters any issues, the Apple Store staff won’t be able to provide assistance or support. As such, it’s imperative to thoroughly weigh the implications of this decision before proceeding with jailbreaking.


Considering device usage, it’s important to factor in the impact of updates. When iOS undergoes an update, your iPhone’s functionality can be disrupted, requiring you to patiently await a compatible jailbreak update in order to restore its usefulness. This inevitably places you at the end of the queue for accessing novel iOS features. While this might not be a concern for everyone, it’s a crucial point to ponder before moving forward.

How to jailbreak an iPhone without a computer?

Tethered jailbreaking entails linking your iOS device or iPhone to a computer for all updates. In contrast, untethered jailbreaking allows your phone to function more independently, booting up and responding without requiring a computer connection. This means that following the initial jailbreak, there’s no need to connect to a computer whenever issues arise. Essentially, untethered jailbreaking liberates your iOS device from constant computer reliance.

To circumvent Apple’s computer-centered jailbreak process, developers leverage Apple’s self-signing app service. This empowers you to install and operate apps on your iOS version, even if they’re not officially available on the App Store.

First, access the Tweakbox website.

Access the Tweakbox site via Mobile Safari. Proceed to the app section and select the Tweakbox application. Utilize the search bar to locate the unc0ver jailbreak, a semi-untethered jailbreaking tool that prompts for your Apple ID. Launch the identified application.

Second, Install Tweakbox’s unc0ver jailbreak.

Click the “Install” button while having Airplane mode activated, then validate this action by selecting “Install” in the ensuing popup. Following the installation, the app will materialize on your iPhone/iPad, affording you the flexibility to deactivate silent mode whenever preferred.

Third, Launch Uncover on your gadget

Utilize Apple’s self-signed application feature to install unc0ver on your device. Follow these steps with confidence: Go to Settings, then tap on General, and scroll to the bottom to find Device Manager. Once in Device Management, locate ShangHai P&C Information Technology Co., Ltd under Enterprise App, and simply tap on “Trust ShangHai P&C Information.” A confirmation prompt will appear; proceed confidently by confirming your selection.

Alternatively, the unc0ver application might replicate the creator’s identity. To illustrate, you could come across Lebo International Investment Development Co. Ltd instead of ShangHai P & C Information Technology Co. Limited. Nevertheless, the specific names hold no significance, as the fundamental developer behind the unc0ver app remains unchanged.

Fourth, Begin the jailbreak

Following this, leave the Settings menu and proceed to launch the unc0ver application in order to initiate the jailbreaking procedure. Upon tapping the Jailbreak button, the application will begin its operation.

Once the jailbreak has been successfully executed, your iPhone or iPad will undergo a reboot. Subsequently, you will notice the presence of the Cydia app adjacent to the unc0ver app on your device. It is important to note that this process might require some time to take effect. In the event that Cydia does not appear after your device reboots, simply repeat the aforementioned steps until the Cydia application is successfully installed alongside unc0ver.

Note: During application installation, turn on airplane mode…

Warning!! You now control your activities as you enter the uncharted iOS area.

Mobile-Only Jailbreaking: A Task for the Day

Utilizing the Cydia application emblem offers a direct method of jailbreaking the iPhone in 2022 without the need for a computer. To access this, simply navigate to the Cydia website,, and initiate the download directly on your mobile device.

By making use of Cydia, an unsanctioned and independent app repository, users can acquire applications and modifications that are absent from Apple’s official App Store. This platform hosts a wide array of software, encompassing both tweaks and applications that remain inaccessible through any other means.

Issues with jailbreaking

Typically, individuals opt to jailbreak their iPhones with the intention of enhancing speed and responsiveness, while also gaining the ability to download applications not found in the official App Store.

While the utilization of jailbreak apps to unlock an iPhone provides the freedom to personalize your device to your liking, it’s essential to acknowledge that this process can also introduce certain complications.

Voids Warranty

Using a jailbreak on your iOS device will result in the warranty being invalidated. Additionally, it’s possible that Apple Stores might decline to provide repairs or service for your iOS device.

Reduction in Security

The iPhone boasts robust security features as one of its key strengths. However, opting to download apps from third-party stores and engaging in jailbreaking procedures can compromise these security measures. Moreover, jailbreaking iOS entails a fundamental alteration of its core functionality.

Conflicts with the iOS Version

Not all iOS jailbreak tools work seamlessly across all iOS versions. It’s imperative to ensure that the chosen jailbreak tool is compatible with the specific iOS version you’re using. This precautionary step is essential to guarantee a successful jailbreaking process.

Threats and Malware Exposure

Jailbreaking your iOS device significantly increases its vulnerability to threats and malicious software. This, in turn, heightens the risk of unauthorized individuals leveraging spy apps on iPhones to monitor your activities. Moreover, engaging in jailbreaking leads to the removal of the robust security measures provided by Apple, consequently diminishing the overall security of your device. As a result, it’s important to consider the potential compromise of security before pursuing such actions.

Reduced Stability

Using third-party applications is not advisable as it can pose safety risks. Installing unverified or malfunctioning apps could lead to system instability and disruptions in performance.

Experiencing issues while jailbreak your iPhone without a computer

Efforts to perform an iOS device jailbreak without the use of a computer could potentially lead to an irreversible and severe malfunction. Therefore, it’s advisable to proceed with jailbreaking iOS devices only if you possess a strong understanding and the required patience.

Indicators of an unsuccessful jailbreak of an iPhone without a computer include unexpected device restarts, frequent application crashes, diminished overall system performance, and a notable decline in battery life. It’s important to note that such unauthorized alterations might not only void the warranty for your iPhone or iPad but also potentially breach copyright agreements related to certain applications. As such, exercising caution and expertise is essential when considering a jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak iPhone without Computer | Conclusion

As you’re likely aware, the process of jailbreaking iOS devices involves the installation of third-party software along with a series of intricate steps.

Employing online jailbreak solutions and digital tools allows users to successfully jailbreak their devices without the need for a Windows computer. Opting for the online jailbreak method eliminates the necessity of software installation or modifying device settings prior to initiating the jailbreaking process.

While utilizing a computer-based approach remains a more optimal route for initiating iOS jailbreaks, the strategies elucidated within this article offer an effective alternative for those seeking jailbreak without reliance on a computer.

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