How to Reset Raycon Earbuds

How to Reset Raycon Earbuds?

Performing a factory reset on Raycon earbuds is a straightforward process. All you need to do is firmly hold down the power buttons on both earbuds for a duration of thirty seconds. By following this procedure, you will effectively return your Raycon earbuds to their original factory settings.

How do I reset my Raycon earbuds?

Here’s how to reset your Raycon earbuds to factory settings. This information is contained in the Raycon manual.

  • Turning off the earbuds is the first thing to do. Hold down the button on each earpiece for four seconds to accomplish this.
  • Next, remove every name associated with Raycons from the Bluetooth settings on your computer or phone. You should unpair or remove any devices that are connected to your Raycons.
  • Hold each earbud’s buttons down for 30 seconds now.
  • Repackage them into the charging case, then secure them.
  • Take them out. 
  • To start, press firmly them on both earbuds. Before pairing them with your mobile device, let them first couple with one another.
  • Go to your mobile device right now. Press the Raycon name when you see it in the Bluetooth area to connect. You’ll hear “connect” on your headphones.

Why is one of my Raycons not working?

Experiencing connectivity issues with your Raycon earbuds? Frustrated by frequent sound interruptions? Rest assured, I’ll guide you through the steps to resolve these problems across various Raycon earbud models


Renew your earbud functionality by erasing the Raycon device names from the Bluetooth configurations on all linked gadgets. Power down the earbuds and stow them within their charging case. Allow a brief interval with the earbuds stored before taking them out and initiating a reboot process.


Here’s what to do if you’re experiencing this issue with your E50 or E100 Raycons:

  • Turn your earbuds off.
  • Remove Raycon from each Bluetooth pairing menu.
  • Holding down the earbuds for 30 seconds will turn them off.
  • Set them inside the case. Then bring them out once more.
  • Pair the Raycon E50 and Raycon E100 with your device.

Raycon H20

If you’re experiencing sound issues with your Raycon H20s, it’s essential to confirm that they are adequately charged and powered on. Take a moment to adjust the volume to the appropriate level. If these steps don’t resolve the problem, consider resetting the Bluetooth pairing list on your connected device. Simply press and hold the power button for a duration of five seconds to initiate a power cycle. This should effectively address and resolve the sound-related concern.

How are left and right Raycons paired?

To initiate the process, insert the earphones snugly into your ears, ensuring their complete charging. Without a full charge, the pairing won’t be successful.

Press and hold the button located on both earpieces until the voice prompt “Raycon power on” reaches your ears. Initially, the Raycon earbuds will establish a connection between themselves, after which they will seamlessly connect to your designated device.

Access your phone’s Bluetooth settings at this point. Within the Bluetooth pairing section, you will easily spot your Raycon earbuds listed. Simply tap on the Raycon listing to initiate the pairing procedure with your chosen device.

What causes the red and blue flickering on one of my Raycon earbuds?

The presence of synchronization between your left and right Raycon earbuds is indicated by certain visual cues. Each earbud contains blue and red LED lights. A steady blue light indicates that the earbuds are in an active state. When the red and blue lights flash in alternating patterns, it signifies that the earbuds are in pairing mode, ready to connect with each other.

Once you receive the voice prompts “power on” followed by “connected,” it confirms that the two earbuds have successfully paired with each other.

If my Raycon earbuds won’t charge, what should I do?

Here’s what you need to do if your Raycon earbuds or the charging case are no longer charging:

Firstly, ensure that the charging case is closed when you put your earbuds into charging mode. If the claim remains open, the earbuds won’t charge.

Make sure that the connection pins between the earbuds and the case are free from any dirt or debris. You can use a soft tissue along with a toothpick to carefully clean and remove any blockages.

Additionally, confirm that the connection pins can move smoothly and retract as they should. If they are unable to do so, they won’t establish a connection with the charger, resulting in an inability to charge your Raycon earbuds.

Examine the charging wire for any damage indications. If you find any, consider trying a new cable. You can easily find replacement cables on platforms like Amazon or at electronics stores.

Verify that your power source is operational and that the metal connection point into the case is not bent or blocked in any manner. This step ensures a seamless charging process.

How to Reset Raycon Earbuds | Final thoughts

If challenges persist with resetting, charging, or connecting your Raycon earbuds, there remain three viable courses of action at your disposal. Firstly, you can consult the user manual or seek more comprehensive assistance through online resources. Alternatively, you have the option to avail yourself of Raycon’s exceptional customer service by placing a call. Their adept representatives will adeptly steer you toward a resolution. Lastly, in the event of an unresolved hardware complication covered by the warranty, Raycon will promptly dispatch a replacement pair of earbuds to address the issue.

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