How to Screenshot on Razer laptop?

Razer laptops are renowned for their exceptional performance and elegant aesthetics, earning them popularity among both gamers and professionals. If you possess a Razer laptop and are seeking to capture screenshots, you might be curious about the method. Fortunately, the process of taking screenshots on a Razer laptop is uncomplicated and direct. This guide will explore different approaches to capture screenshot on your Razer laptop.

Whether you require a full-screen capture, a particular window shot, or a customized area selection, we have all the details covered. Furthermore, we will provide useful insights and techniques to elevate your screenshot-capturing experience.

Screenshot Instructions for the Razer Laptop

This piece will delve into diverse techniques for capturing screenshots on Razer laptops. These methods encompass leveraging the integrated keyboard functionality, harnessing the Windows snipping tool, and utilizing third-party software applications.

Approach 1: Employ the Print Screen Key – Screenshot on Razer laptop

The most straightforward and rapid approach to capturing screenshots on your Razer laptop involves utilizing the Print Screen (PrtScn) key. 

This method captures the entire screen and preserves it in the clipboard. Follow these steps:

1. Identify the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It’s commonly designated as ‘PrtScn’ or ‘PrtSc.’

Screenshot on Razer laptop

2. Depress the Print Screen key to seize the complete screen. The screenshot will be stored in your clipboard.

3. Launch an image editing application such as Paint or Photoshop, and utilize ‘Ctrl+V’ to insert the screenshot.

4. Preserve the image in your preferred location.

Approach 2: Employ Windows + Print Screen

An alternative approach to capturing a screenshot on your Razer laptop involves employing the Windows + Print Screen shortcut. This technique automatically stores the screenshot in your ‘Pictures’ directory. Here’s the procedure:

1. Press the Windows key and the Print Screen key at the same time.

Screenshot on Razer laptop

2. Observe a momentary dimming of your screen, indicating the successful screenshot.

3. Navigate to your laptop’s ‘Pictures’ folder to locate the captured screenshot.

Approach 3: Utilize Alt + Print Screen

To screenshot a specific window, use the key combination ‘Alt + Print Screen.’ This action captures solely the active window and stores it in your clipboard.

1. Ensure that the desired window is active and at the forefront.

2. Simultaneously press and hold down the Alt and Print Screen keys on your keyboard. This action captures an image of the active window and saves it to your clipboard.

Use Alt PrtScr

3. You can then paste the image into an image editing application, like Microsoft Paint, by using Ctrl + V or selecting ‘Paste’ from the Edit menu. Following this, you can save the image as a file for your intended use.”

Approach 4: Employ Snipping Tool

The Windows Snipping Tool serves as an integrated tool that enables you to take screenshots of designated sections of your Razer laptop’s screen. It provides greater versatility compared to the native keyboard function, enabling you to capture the complete screen, a defined region, or an active window. However, utilizing this tool might require a bit more time.

1. Access the ‘Start’ menu and initiate a search for the ‘Snipping Tool.’

2. Click on the ‘New’ button to opt for the snip modes, initiating the snipping process.

Use Snipping tool

3. Employ click-and-drag action with your cursor to outline the desired capture area.

4. Release the cursor to execute the screenshot.

5. The screenshot will open in a new window, affording you options to save, copy, or share it.

Approach 5: Leverage Awesome Screenshot & Recorder

If you’re seeking more advanced screenshot capabilities, turning to a third-party application is worth considering. A plethora of screenshot apps are available, spanning both free and premium options, boasting an array of features such as annotation, editing, and sharing. 

Notable third-party applications well-regarded for Razer laptop screenshotting encompass Awesome Screenshot & Recorder, Snagit, Lightshot, and Greenshot.

Among these options, we recommend opting for Awesome Screenshot & Recorder to facilitate screenshot capture and editing on your Razer laptop. This versatile and user-friendly tool serves a multitude of purposes, ranging from capturing and annotating web pages to crafting captivating video content.

Advantages of Utilizing Awesome Screenshot & Recorder:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Capture options include the entire screen, specific windows, visible sections, or customized areas
  • Swiftly capture scrolling screenshots
  • Schedule screenshots with a delay
  • Incorporate annotations, text, and other graphical elements into your screenshots
  • Store screenshots and videos in the cloud
  • Promptly share screenshots through shareable links

Now, let’s delve into the process of capturing screenshots on a Razer laptop using Awesome Screenshot & Recorder.

1. Download and install the Awesome Screenshot extension onto your browser. Proceed to either sign in or establish a new account.

2. Initiate the Awesome Screenshot extension by clicking on its icon in the Chrome toolbar.

3. Access the ‘Capture’ tab, then designate the screen region you intend to capture. Options encompass capturing the visible segment, an entire page, a personalized area, the entire screen, or a specific window.

4. The captured image will be instantly displayed in a new tab, providing you with the opportunity to edit and add annotations as needed. Awesome screenshot and recorder annotation tool

5. After completing your image edits, click the ‘Done’ button to upload it to the cloud. Additionally, you’ll have the choice to download it to your device, print it, copy it, or generate a link for sharing.


Capturing screenshots on a Razer laptop involves straightforward steps that can be executed through multiple approaches. Whether you opt for the inherent keyboard function, utilize the Windows snipping tool, or employ a third-party application, the essence lies in identifying the most suitable technique for your requirements. By adhering to the provided instructions within this guide, you can swiftly and effortlessly capture screenshots on your Razer laptop, thereby enhancing both your productivity and gaming encounters.

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