How to Connect Onn Wireless Earbuds

How to Connect Onn Wireless Earbuds?

Onn earbuds represent a cost-effective audio solution, catering to individuals seeking earbuds that strike a balance between affordability and audio performance. This makes them particularly suitable for budget-conscious consumers who wish to avoid compromising sound quality by opting for excessively low-cost options. However, one notable challenge associated with Onn earbuds is the relative difficulty in accessing comprehensive details about them. This extends to crucial information such as the process of pairing these earbuds with your chosen audio device. This guide aims to provide you with clear instructions on how to connect Onn wireless earbuds.

It’s important to note that the specific steps might slightly differ depending on the device you’re pairing with. Nevertheless, we’ll equip you with the essential knowledge to easily tailor these instructions to your specific audio source.

1. Turn Bluetooth On – Connect Onn Wireless Earbuds

Your initial task involves activating the Bluetooth feature on your audio device. In most cases, this functionality is enabled by default. If you want to connect your Onn wireless earbuds with an Android or iOS device, adhere to these provided guidelines.


  • Open up ‘Settings‘.
  • Select ‘Bluetooth‘.
  • Switch Bluetooth to ‘on’.


  • Click ‘Settings‘.
  • Select ‘Bluetooth‘.
  • Turn Bluetooth on

2. Put your earbuds in pairing mode – Connect Onn Wireless Earbuds

You must now activate the pairing mode on your earbuds to enable them to be found by other audio devices. Failure to do so will result in an inability to establish a connection.

While the majority of Bluetooth earbuds available feature a designated pairing button, Onn earbuds differ in this aspect. To initiate pairing mode on Onn earbuds, simply press and hold the power button for a brief duration. Once the earbuds’ indicator light begins to blink, you can be certain that the pairing mode is now active.

3. Connect your Bluetooth earbuds – Connect Onn Wireless Earbuds

With the devices now in pairing mode, the process of connecting them should be straightforward. It’s important to note that, unlike certain Bluetooth earbuds which require passwords for connection, Onn earbuds do not necessitate this step. Should you be prompted for a password during pairing, simply input 0000? If that doesn’t prove successful, consider searching for your specific Onn model number on Google. While it’s uncommon, there’s a possibility that older models might have password protection.

Android and iOS devices

Access the ‘Bluetooth’ menu as you previously did to enable Bluetooth functionality. Within a brief moment, your Onn earbuds will be visible in the list. Proceed by selecting them to successfully establish the pairing process.

Windows Computers

If you are going to connect Onn wireless earbuds with Windows computers. The steps below must be followed on Windows 10;

  • Open ‘Start‘.
  • Select ‘Settings‘.
  • Select ‘Bluetooth; devices‘.
  • If Bluetooth is turned off, switch it on now.
  • Select ‘Add Device‘.
  • Wait for your Onn earbuds to pair.

Keep in mind that the majority of computers do not come equipped with built-in Bluetooth functionality. If you don’t find the Bluetooth option on your computer, it means that your device lacks Bluetooth capabilities. If you want to connect a Bluetooth device to your computer, you’ll need to acquire a Bluetooth dongle.

Mac Computers 

The majority of Mac computers come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring you won’t encounter the same problems commonly experienced with Windows computers in this regard:

  • Press the Apple Menu.
  • System Preferences.
  • Bluetooth.
  • If Bluetooth is not switched on, then turn it on now.
  • After a few seconds, your Bluetooth headphones will appear. Click them to connect.

My Onn earbuds won’t pair; what does it mean?

Most likely, you’ll encounter minimal difficulties when connecting your Onn earbuds; the pairing procedure is quite straightforward. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that a few individuals might encounter problems. In the following segment, we will provide you with clear guidance on effectively troubleshooting and resolving such issues.

Your Device Is Unable To Locate Your Onn Earbuds

If your Onn earbuds are not being detected by your device, we recommend revisiting the initial two steps. This situation typically arises from either your earbuds not being in pairing mode or your device’s Bluetooth functionality not being activated.

In unusual instances, this issue might be attributed to the earbuds being positioned too far from the audio source. It’s crucial to maintain a relatively short distance between the two, ideally within just a few feet.

Your Onn earbuds’ audio is crackly or has other sound problems

If you’re experiencing audio problems with the earbuds, it’s probable that they’re approaching the end of their lifespan. Keep in mind, these are budget-friendly earbuds, so their durability is not indefinite.

Occasionally, there could be disruptions in sound due to potential interference between the audio device and the earbuds. This situation typically arises when the audio source is in close proximity to metal objects or devices emitting wireless signals, such as routers.

The Pairing Fails

Diagnosing this issue is more complex. It could arise from earbuds being damaged, leaving limited options for resolution. Alternatively, the problem might stem from earbuds being connected to a nearby device. To address this, attempt reactivating the pairing mode on your earbuds to potentially resolve the matter.

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